Dear Sirs and Madams,
Established in 1999, Nhat Quang Steel was targeted to become the leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the field of Industrial Steel, supplying steel products that meet the developing demands of the increasingly modernized society.
During our development, Nhat Quang challenged everyday to overcome difficulties, proactively studied and embraced market trends, applied state-of-the-art technology, imported our management and labor force, modernized and professionalized our system to meet the high demands of Vietnam’s promising and extensively internationally integrated economy.
Thanks to the advanced & environmentally friendly equipment & technology imported and transferred from such developed countries as Japan, Germany and Taiwan … The availability of professional and skillful staff, engineers and technicians, as well as the advanced quality management system, Nhat Quang Steel products maintain their position and leading brand in Vietnam’s industrial steel market and receive high appreciation and trust from both domestic and international partners and customers. Nhat Quang Steel products are now available nationwide via our stable distribution network. Certain products have already reached the international exporting markets such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, as well as many customers in export processing zones in Vietnam.
“New steel, new generation”, we are committed to consistently bettering ourselves to carry out the company’s sustainable development mission and making our contribution to the overall social process.
In that spirit, we especially acknowledge, thank and aspire to continuously receive the trust, support and help from all partners and customers for better cooperation and further success.